Online ERP and CRM for everyone.

CO3 is an online business management system for making work fast, easy and efficient with strong management control. It’s flexibility enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and get things done successfully in one place. Manage your projects and to-dos, create bills and e-invoices, control your inventory, share documents, work with a full functional CRM and track all of your progress in real time — all with a few mouse clicks. It has a friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface so you can’t do anything wrong.




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Features integrated in one place.


Contacts with full contact history; Attach files, invoices, receipts, to-dos to contacts; Customization possibilities.


E-invoicing, bulk invoicing, automated invoice creation; Store your incoming bills; Manage your fiscal position.


Complete products and stock management; Create delivery notes and any kind of inventory forms; Webshop connection.


Upload and share any kind of office documents, files or pictures; Automatic version control; Filing documents.


Tasks, schedules, ideas, files and discussions in one place; Resource handling; Performance management.


Create lists with simple to-dos; Delegate to-dos with or without deadline; Close to-do or re-open it with one click.


Create and send invitations; Sync events with your mobile; Manage holiday and sick-leave statuses.


Internet banking like security; Data are stored redundantly and are daily saved.

Anywhere, anytime. Take your business with you anywhere!

CO3 lives in the cloud and is always there for you. Optimized for mobile usage so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab or any other Android-based devices. It allows you to keep track of how your business goes in a couple of taps wherever you are!

Reduce your costs. Easy to go. Provide resources to all of your employees at a good price right now.

Nothing to install.Nothing to install.

You need a web browser only. Create an account and you are ready to go. It’s so simple.

Automatic upgrades.Automatic upgrades.

You don’t need to care about software updates. You will always use the latest version of CO3.

No server needed.No server needed.

We provide the servers, the softwares, the whole infrastructure. You don’t have to. You can concentrate to your business.

No IT guy needed.No IT guy needed.

We maintains our servers and take care about your data in a safe and secure environment. You have to use it only.

Integration? No problem!

Integrate CO3 with your webshop, accounting software or anything else with the help of our API.

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